The Borrowed Nursery more than just a beautiful blog site full of inspirational images and interesting articles (even recipes!). They also provide a range of plants for just about any kind of event you can think of + they have a range of unique items (such as potted plants and planters) that you can purchase.

What I especially love about The Borrowed Nursery is that they stock a range of potted plants that have been largely forgotten about in recent years, such as the Rubber Tree Plant, Ivy and Maiden Hair Ferns to name just a few. These are all plants that I remember fondly from my childhood, so it’s great to see them back in the spotlight and back in our homes.

If you’re in the Gold Coast region, keep a look out because they’re opening a retail space very soon! For more information visit


“Curry Leaf Tree, The Secret Ingredient from the Secret Garden”



The Borrowed Nursery at the Byron Bay Bridal Showcase (images above and below)



Available for hire or purchase from the Borrowed Nursery


“Anyone Knows Lauren Can’t Kill and Rubber Tree Plant”

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