#Art I Love

January 6, 2014

The works of Cai Guo-Qiang are spectacular in both scale and impact. This may be due, in part to his background in stage design. Cai’s works are currently on display at the Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) in an exhibition entitled Falling Back to Earth, and features 4 installation pieces.

The installation below is entitled, Heritage and it’s an artwork inspired by the Queensland landscape. I was at first, disturbed by this piece as (although it is evocative and beautiful) I was afraid it featured actual taxidermied animals, and I wondered whether the animals had been ethically sourced. I then discovered that each of the animals were replicas (99 in total), all thoughtfully and painstakingly created and positioned by the artist. I was then completely awestruck, as he has managed to bring a unique and individual personality to each animal. I was also amazed that even though it is a grand piece in size and scale, it somehow fills the viewer with a strong sense of peace and calm.


I then saw, Head On (below) which again features 99 replica animals. Each and every wolf in this piece has a frenetic energy and emotion, and they’re positioned in such a way that creates a sense of urgency and motion in the viewer. It was the stand-out piece for me!






Finally came Eucalyptus (below), which is an iconic symbol of the Australian landscape. It’s tough and resilient, like the environment it comes from and it’s displayed in such a way that we were able to move through, under and around it so that you really feel a part of it’s majesty. This also enables us to fully appreciate it’s scale and natural beauty.



This is a must see exhibition.



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