Bring the outdoors in

August 20, 2013

The outdoors are full of interior design inspiration. I love the colours, shapes and textures present in nature and take any opportunity to bring the outside inside.

Indoor gardens are a low maintenance way of adding natural light, texture, colour and form to create a visually dynamic indoor space.


(image via Apartment Therapy)

The Japanese indoor garden pictured below is a living, sculptural work of art.


(image via

Vertical/Green Walls enjoyed a spike in popularity recently, and have been used frequently in both residential and commercial spaces. The vertical succulent garden (below) from Inside/Out Design, Los Angeles is an interesting and new take on the green wall – love it!


One of the best examples of successfully bringing the outdoors indoors is from the 2006 movie ‘When a Stranger Calls’. The house featured in this film has an indoor aviary in the centre of the home complete with fish pond! (images below)



Of course if you’re looking for something less expensive and less permanent than indoor gardens, green walls, aviaries and fish ponds then you can successfully bring the outdoors to your indoors through the use of pot plants, aquariums and even photographs and wallpaper.


(image via Nova68)


(Jungle wallpaper by Wall & Deco)


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