5 easy and inexpensive ways to brighten up your living space…fast

April 29, 2013

1) Remove clutter

Studies have shown that having mess and disorder around us can cause mental distress, so take some time to organise and de-clutter your living space. 

2) Natural Light

Research has proven that natural light can help alleviate stress, so if you’re wanting a quick pick me up open curtains and blinds and let the light in. If you have heavy curtains and drapes perhaps give some consideration to replacing these with sheers or blinds that let  in more natural light.



(image via infoteli)

3) Photographs and artworks

Surrounding ourselves with imagery that is familiar, inspirational or meaningful to us is a sure fire way to make us feel more connected with our surroundings. Take some time to go through your old photographs and holiday snaps and have some framed for display, or bring out some artworks that you’ve had hidden away for a while and re-introduce them back into your living space. Perhaps even consider purchasing some artworks or prints that you find inspirational, or why not create your own.



(image via from the right bank)

4) Scents

There are a number of fragrances that have been proven to elevate mood. Among these are lavender and citrus. Consider incorporating these scents into your home via candles or in oil burners. One of my favourite scents is jasmine, which I love planting in pots outside my bedroom and living room windows to let that gorgeous fragrance fill my home in spring.

5) Colour

Colour can have profound effects on our mental health and certain colours have been proven to have more positive impacts than others. For example, yellow has been shown to make us feel energetic and optimistic and red can increase our heart rate, so perhaps consider breathing some life into your living space with the introduction of bright and lively coloured furniture and accessories.


(image via home klondike)



One Response to “5 easy and inexpensive ways to brighten up your living space…fast”

  1. Elaine Roberts said

    There is some great info from you Kim.
    Thanks E

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