Colour me Autumn

April 4, 2013

We’re moving into Autumn here in Australia and for cooler weather, and for this time of the year I believe that yellow and grey are an amazing colour combination for just about any room in the house. 

Yellow is such a vibrant and happy colour, however when used in large quantities it can make us feel overwhelmed. Grey is one of my favourite colours, I find it so calming, however it can make us feel a little depressed if it’s not balanced with something more ‘lively’.

I love to counter-balance some of the lively energy that is associated with yellow with a soothing, neutral colour like grey. It makes a room feel warm and welcoming, yet also refined. 

It’s a winning colour combination!


(Image via Colefacts)


(Image via Color Chats)



(Image via Olive et Oriel)




(Image via Polly Wreford)





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