Back in Black

February 3, 2013

Don’t be afraid to use black when designing and decorating interior spaces. It’s a stylish and elegant colour that never goes out of style, and adds an element of drama to any room.

All you need to remember when using black, is to make sure that the space is balanced visually and don’t overdo it, as too much black in an interior space can make a room feel oppressive. 

Using black as a backdrop for other colours and shapes is a smart way to use it in an interior space. For example, introducing textures and patterns, such as the animal prints (below) work to offset the ‘flatness’ of the black and bring the room to life. The framed artworks and whiteness of the ceiling also work to liven up the space.



(Image via hometrenddesign)

The kitchen (below) that was designed by Caple demonstrates an expert blending of sleek black cabinetry with the natural texture of the wood grain.





(Image via designmyheartout)

The colourful furniture items in this room (above) coupled with the blackness of the walls, floor and window shutters create a feeling of real warmth, and makes this very inviting space.



(Image via remodelista)

If you find that having your walls painted in black might be a little too much and may make you feel as though the walls are ‘closing in around you’ then maybe consider keeping your wall colour neutral  (see above), and add black to your floors and ceilings instead. The darkness of the floors and ceiling counter-balanced against the whiteness of the walls creates a very sophisticated look that will never date.



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