Chairs as #art – #interiordesign

September 9, 2012

Artists such as Vincent Van Gogh have often featured chairs in their paintings and artworks. It’s easy to see why chairs have played muse to a variety of artists over the years, because they really are works of art themselves.

There are some sublime designs available, which can be featured in any home as a sculptural piece and then there are some which are just plain weird.

Below are some of my favourite designs and for some of those featured below, the process of creating the piece is just as interesting and the final result.


Engineering Temporality by Tuomas Markunpoika Tolvanen – was created by sculpting a metal framework over a timber chair. Once the metal had been applied to the substrate, the piece was set it on fire and what was left behind after the flames subsided is the amazing piece above.


 Franz Gabel and Johannes Heinzmann


Archiboiled by Simon Hasan. Furniture designer, Simon Hasan was commissioned by Wallpaper* and Poltrona Frau to reinterpret a classic chair design from Jean-Marie Massaud and this was the result. The leather upholstery has been boiled and then draped over the internal framework of the chair, which looks and works like a metal skeleton.



The Kimono Chair by Tokujin Yoshioka. This chair has been created by stretching one piece of fabric over a simple framework and the end result is magic. I love this design, it’s sexy and feminine, and the red colour is perfect!

Below is an image* of an interior space decorated with the use of a selection of iconic Fritz Hansen chairs and the result is a work of art.



*image via


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