What’s cooking in #kitchen design…

August 27, 2012

At the moment I’m writing lesson plans for residential kitchen design, and I’d forgotten how exciting designing kitchens can be. The kitchen is one of the most heavily utilised rooms in any home so it can’t just rely on it’s looks – it has to be functional.

In Australia, the built in kitchen still dominates the kitchen landscape but with a shift towards open plan living this seems to be gradually changing and allowing more interaction between the kitchen and other living spaces within the home.

A great example of this is Heidi Middleton’s (of Sass and Bide) beautiful coastal kitchen (below).


In order to further unify all of the living spaces in a home, a lot of contemporary kitchens almost don’t look kitchens at all, such as this gorgeous design by GD Cucine (below).


There are still some constants in kitchen design however. Due their durability and ability to be cleaned easily, tiles and laminate have both remained kitchen staples over the years, although the designs and colours have definitely changed!



* Made e Mano are currently making some fantastic tile designs (like these above).

The image below is courtesy of Laminex. I love the use of colour in this design!



I’m a huge lover of colour in the kitchen, so I also really like the kitchen design below from Loop Design.

I don’t really enjoy cooking but I think I could get to like it in a kitchen like this! 





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