Light up your life with #neon art

August 22, 2012

I’d definitely consider myself to be an art lover and I’m also a huge fan of lighting, so anything that combines the two is a winner in my eyes!

Neon lighting is available in a huge range of vibrant colours and emits a gorgeous glow unlike any other lighting product. It has suffered over the years as it’s a light source that’s often associated with large (often tacky) brightly coloured signage, but it’s so much more than that!

Anselm Reyle’s neon light installation (below) is an exciting explosion of colour and movement without any trace of tackiness.


Similarly, artists such as Roger Borg have produced stunning and sophisticated neon pieces like the one below.



Of course there, are still pieces like ‘Will Kirkman’s Room’ (below) which still embody the quirky sense of humour that neon art has always maintained.



I’m also a huge fan of neon pieces that utilise script, like the works of Stefan Bruggemann (below) and Tracey Emin – just gorgeous!





But neon it’s not just art that should only be viewed and enjoyed in a gallery or museum, it can easily be  introduced into an interior space, as seen in Cafe Liberty, London (below).




I particularly love the use of Tracey Emin’s neon art in the bedroom design above (which I believe is or was Sir Elton John’s bedroom). The piece adds a fantastic energy to the space and really brings the room to life.

I think everyone would benefit from some neon light in their lives!




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