#Wallpaper – the writing’s on the wall

August 18, 2012

Wallpaper has come a long way in recent years. I can remember when it was so uncool to have wallpaper in your home, but I’m really happy to see that it’s returned with a vengeance because they’re nothing like wallpaper to create a fantastic feature wall and it’s available in so many different colours, designs and prices to suit every person and every budget!

I’ve added some images of some my favourites are below:



Love these gorgeous geometric designs (above) by Minakani Lab


The beautiful simplicity of this design (above) by Debbie Powell really sets it apart as one of my favourites at the moment.

Tracey Kendall is someone who has a really unique approach to wallpaper design and she makes some stunning wallpapers. The design (below) is one of my favourites from her collection. I love that it’s textured and three dimensional, it reminds me of tree bark.


You can even find wallpapers now that are suitable to use outdoors (the design below is from Wall & Deco).


There are also lots of options now for you to customise and/or personalise your designs. Companies such as Surface View and Customized Walls give you the option to choose images from their available images to print on wallpapers or you can upload your own photographs and customise your design.

The two images below are some examples of what Surface View has to offer, and as you can see it’s not only wallpaper but incredible wall art (I really want the one with the snake!).



The great thing with Customized Walls’ products (below) is that in most cases you can ‘install’ them yourself and when you’re tired of the design or you move house you can remove it and take it with you!


If you’re an upcycling fan then Weitzner Limited make a fantastic wallpaper which is made from shredded newspapers and it looks great.


I’ve also seen some blogs that feature DIY wallpapers made from sheets of music and other prints which might be fun to try.


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