Teaching Interior Design Students

August 10, 2012

On Monday I’m teaching interior design students lighting design for residential kitchens and I’m really excited about it, because I’m really passionate about lighting design and getting it right.

In my opinion, some of the most important considerations for an interior designer/decorator when selecting kitchen lighting are simply Who, What, When and Where:


– Who am I designing this for?

– Who are my clients?


– What are the legislative or energy efficiency requirements that relate to this project?

– What are the dimensions and structural features of the space?

– What light levels do my clients need or want?

– What is the budget in the short and long-term for initial outlay and ongoing maintenance of light fittings?


– When are the fittings required by? (nothing worse than choosing light fittings and advising your client of your selections and then finding out there’s a lead time of 12 weeks when the electrician needs them in 4 – very embarrassing!)


– Where will the main work surfaces be?

Recessed downlights are always the obvious choice in a kitchen as they provide great light levels, are relatively low cost and low maintenance and they’re unobtrusive.

Something else that works well in kitchens are pendant lights and here are some fantastic designs that I’ve found recently that would work beautifully in many kitchen designs.


 Modern Pendants by Yar Rassadin – elegant and sleek



Industrial Pendant by West Elm – love the vibrant range of colours available



LED Bell by Rotaliana – really unusual and interesting design


Ori Sheet Metal by Lukas Dahlen – gorgeous..reminds me of origami



Industrial Dome Pendant – practical light that works well with most kitchen designs



Modern Pendant by Oculo Group – delicate shape and stunning colours, glass is also a really practical choice.

I get to discuss all things residential lighting design for the next 3 Mondays and I can’t wait!




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