Hello Yellow!

August 7, 2012

We’ve had one of the coldest winters in many years here in Queensland, so I think it’s time to inject some sunshine into our homes and our lives with the use of yellow accent pieces, like this gorgeous Dunder Sofa by Bla Station. 



Or this stunning Floral Motifs Rug designed by Akira Isogawa for Designer Rugs. 



I also love this PS LED Pendant Light from Ikea, it’s such a warm sunny shade of yellow.




Or if you’re feeling adventurous you could even paint some sunshine in with a gorgeous vibrant yellow paint colour from Resene like Lemon Yellow or Golden Dream.

Yellow is a fantastic colour! It’s one of the easiest colours to see, it’s sunny and bright and makes me feel happy, and just like a bright sunny day I find it very energising. Not surprisingly it’s often used in creative industries because research indicates that it acts to stimulates the mind.

Something to bear in mind when decorating with yellow is that because it’s such a visually dominant colour, it’s important to exercise a little restraint otherwise it can become a little overwhelming and over stimulating. So I’d recommend to limit it’s use to a few accent pieces. This interior image via Pieces Inc (http://piecesinc.com/) is a great example of how to decorate well using yellow.



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