Tile Files

August 2, 2012

Everyone knows that tiles are an essential item in bathroom design and there are some incredible designs and styles available out there. These beautiful tiles from Academy Tiles are a perfect example of what’s available currently.


Tiles are also regularly used as a residential and commercial flooring staple, and they can be used to dramatic effect such as this installation by Lisha Bai, which can be seen in the National Academy, New York. They’re an incredible vinyl floor tile of various sizes that work to create a stunning optical illusion.


These beautiful mosaic tiles from Sicis (below) have also been used in a conventional way, but the ornate patterning of the mosaic sets it apart as a floor covering, and when teamed with the neutral walls and grey sofa it makes a very sophisticated living space.


Tiles can also be used in ways that you might not have expected, like in the image below which features the Feza ceramic tile by Academy Tiles. As you can see, they’ve been used in place of paint or wallpaper and the effect is stunning.


Another interesting way to use tiles in a space is as a dramatic statement piece (like an artwork) and the way these tiles from Academy Tiles (below) have been used is a perfect example of this.


I’ve also seen tiles used as a ceiling covering which looks amazing! It gives a really exotic design effect. Unfortunately, I don’t have an image I can share because I’d be ‘stealing’ it from another’s bloggers blogsite. If you’re keen to see it then you should check out acasadava.blogspot.com for a look – it’s worth it!



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