It’s all done with mirrors # Interior Design

July 31, 2012

I think everyone will agree that mirrors are functional and essential household items, but they can also be beautiful and decorative additions to an interior space, like these mirrors (below) from Le Huge Mirror Company with their gorgeous ornate frames. They look stunning individually or grouped together in different colours and sizes.



Or these Captain’s Mirrors from BDDW (above) which work to bring the side-table that sits beneath them to life and Porada’s Sensu Fan Mirror (below), which is more art than mirror.


Mirrors, such as these Reflect Mirrors (below) can also be a quirky and interesting addition to any room.


But…my personal favourite are these ‘water’ mirrors below by Rikako Nagashima and Hideto Hyoudou. They are insanely beautiful and sculptural works of art. Just stunning!! Even the detail in the edging is outstanding.




2 Responses to “It’s all done with mirrors # Interior Design”

  1. I love a good mirror. I absolutely worship my clone of the Loft 36 round mirror that’s in our front hallway so I really like the round hanging ones you posted.

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