Exciting Lighting

July 25, 2012

We all know that lighting can make or break a room. It’s so easy to get it wrong but it’s just as easy to get it right. My background is in lighting design, so I really enjoy selecting lighting for interior spaces. Here are some images of some gorgeous pendant lights to love…


Bloom by Prandina – I would love to use this beautiful pendant light in a contemporary kitchen.



This beautiful and delicate pendant light created by Designer, Issey Miyake would be perfect for a bedroom or nursery.



Tiara by Prandina – I’d love to see this pendant light in an office space, bathroom or bar area.


Decorative lighting doesn’t have to be expensive though, the pendant light above has been made from an Ikea fruit bowl at a cost of around $70 and the pendant lights below have been made using teacups and saucers! They’re really effective and could easily be made from items that you may already have in your home.



As I’ve mentioned previously, if you’re making your own light fittings it’s always recommended to consult with an electrician and always use a qualified electrician to install any hardwired fittings.


One Response to “Exciting Lighting”

  1. Love these, particularly the first one – stunning, strong colour combination & shape.

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